iTunes coverage for ‘Voice of A Lifetime’


We are very happy to announce that our friends over at iTunes has done us the honor in awarding us coverage on both the album ‘Voice of A Lifetime’ and the single ‘We Are Heroes/Lovers & Fire’ at iTunes store.

Thank you!

‘Voice of A Lifetime’, produced by the critically acclaimed Yoad Nevo, on iTunes:

'Say You Will' | New Video Out Now!

We are very proud to announce that the official video for the song ‘Say You Will’ (taken from the album ‘Voice of A Lifetime’) is released today. 

By using nothing but a smartphone, a laptop and a pair of headphones, we asked people in London to join us in the making and all they had to do was to write down the name of someone they miss.

This is real people, doing real things. That’s how you do magic.

- Thank you so much! We love you all! | Exclusive Interview

”Taking a bit of time from their current promotional event, the duo were kind enough to provide us a Q & A session which hopefully answers several questions from music fans about this new group. Check out how they explained every single details about their work on the new album, providing many exciting insights on how they crafted their ideas on “Voice of a Lifetime”…”

- Exclusive Interview With Swedish Duo MACH7NE

More Than The Music featuring ”Fast Five with MACH7NE”

"The name originally comes from a character played by Chris Bauer in the Joel Schumacher movie ”Super 8”, from 1999 (with Nicolas Cage), that goes under the name ’Machine’. It’s a very violent character, numb, with no feelings…"

Read the whole answer and learn all about the band in More Than The Music’s ”Fast Five: MACH7NE”

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